Focus International

Who We Are

FOCUS International is a world-based organization that broadly supports the physical, social, and spiritual health and well being of our world’s children.

FOCUS International’s three areas of concern are:

  • Children’s health, especially access to nutritional and holistic healthcare.
  • Children’s cultural well being, including safety, furtherance, celebration, and dignity.
  • Children’s access to world information via communications technology.

Financial Support

We are currently soliciting financial support or sponsorship for children’s advancement based on:

  • An unwavering commitment to the health, welfare and dignity of all children.
  • Worldwide recognition of children’s universal right to grow, learn, contribute, and thrive in whatever society or culture to which they are born.

Resources for these efforts are becoming increasingly critical to the development of an integrated yet richly diverse world community.

Conscience And Experience

The role children’s welfare in economic action and long-term development of their diverse communities is essential to the survival of society. Conscience also requires that these efforts be increased to foster appreciation of the value of children’s experience. Though sometimes oppressed, children demonstrate resilience which can lift them beyond circumstance. The value of our contribution to children extends beyond protection, nurturing, and education. In all societies it is the children who are charged with the future of tradition or spiritual beliefs; the development of society; the potential of family and the community; and the maintenance of social relations. While rejecting the use of custom to limit or define children’s roles, we need to value and use the wisdom, ethics, charity, and understanding that result from children and their cultural experiences.

Needs And Action

A sense of practical need is upon us. Although our world faces grave problems, there is still greater hope, for the gestalt of peace is never beyond our communal reach. We must respond to a reality based on truth and recognize that our environment, and therefore the future of our children, is seriously threatened. Around the world, in technologically advanced as well as developing countries, environmental debt has risen to levels that compromise the ability of nations to meet basic health and nutritional needs. The whole of this world’s resources need to be utilized wisely and sustainably in order that the world may once again thrive in the future millennium. An equal partnership between adults and youth would bring balance to the efforts to restore and foster truly healthy communities, in the broadest sense of health and well being.

A growing interest for us is the education of donors and potential donors about the importance of supporting children’s needs and strengths internationally and doing so in respectful, constructive ways. In order to accomplish this goal, we participate at children’s conferences, support diverse grassroots self-help projects around the world, host beneficial children’s events, speak on complementary health and nutrition issues, write pertinent articles, produce newsletters, and respond to inquiries regarding the holistic well being of the world’s children.